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Entry to Diploma Studies

A prospective student who is not already a member of IPMZ must:

  • 1. Apply for membership of the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (forms are available from the IPMZ offices in Harare and Our branches & can be downloaded from this website ) Application Form or you can Register Online.

  • 2. Pay the Joining Fee

  • 3. Apply to enroll as a student

  • 3. Pay the Student Enrolment


Prospective students must be in possession of a minimum of FIVE O"LEVELS, or equivalent, including ENGLISH, MATHS/ACCOUNTS.


IPMZ recommends that prospective students be in employment before attempting to study at Diploma level. Work experience will be most helpful when completing assignments, which are job-based. (University and Polytechnic students must submit their registration forms together with their admission letters from their respective Institutions.)


Certified copies of O" Level/equivalent certificates MUST accompany applications to enroll Married women whose names have changed should submit certified copies of marriage certificate.