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IPMZ Examinations


1. Examinations sittings are held twice a year in April and October.

2. Students may write a maximum of four subjects per sitting.

3. Students are advised in their own interest not to attempt more subjects at one sitting than they can adequately prepare for.

4.Past examination paper are available for purchase from the National Office.

Pass Mark

1.Students should obtain at least 50% in each examination in order to pass.

**Please note that you have to write 2 assignments per subject before writing examinations. The assignments will contribute 30% of the Final Examination Mark.

Condition For Registration

A student may not sit for an examination if he has not:

a) Paid his annual membership fee in fall

b) Paid for the study material for the subject he/she wishes to write

c) Applied in writing by due date to register for the exam during the Exam

d) Registration period specified in the students calender

e) Paid the Examination fee in full for the subject concerned.


Students must bring some form of photographic identification with them to the examination venue such as a National Registration card,Drivers Licence or passport


Students wishing to register for one or more exam/s must apply in writing , specifying the subject concerned and enclosing payment of the Exam Fee/s in full for each subject.The letter and fees must reach the National Office during the Exam Registration period specified in the student calender. Exam registration which reach the National Officer after the prescribed date will NOT be accepted.

Postal Delays:

Students are strongly advised to plan well ahead in regard to these deadlines. postal delays are not taken into consideration .Students should acquaint themselves with the length of time it takes for mail to reach Harare from their home and allow extra time to be on the safe side.

Refunds of Exam Fees:

1.No Exam Fees will be refunded

2. No cancellation of exam registration will be accepted

Please Note:
1.Students who do not meet the conditions for Registration forfeit     the exam fee/s paid.
2.Results will not be given over the telephone.This is not negotiable.