I have a multidisciplinary academic background. I am a holder of Msc Masters in Public Management– University of Potsdam, Berlin Germany, Bsc Honours in Public Administration– University of Zimbabwe, Diploma in Human Resources (IPMZ) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with the University of South Africa (UNISA). I am a seasoned professional with over 20 years working experience of which 18 were at senior management level in both public and private sector where I served in various portfolios as Human Resources and Admin Manager for Lyons Zimbabwe, Human Resources Manager at Kadoma City Council, Regional Human Resources Officer- Dairiboard Zimbabwe, Admnistration Officer at Ministry of Local Government and currently Head- Employee Relations and Wellness at Harare City Council. I have various accolades and achievement under my belt with the most recent one being part of the Core Team leading City of Harare Transformation (2014 to 2016), Development of Human Capital Policy- Code of Conduct and Employee Conditions of Services (2012-2015), Focal Person on the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures in Council, Development of Organisation Strategic Plan at City of Harare, City of Kadoma and Lyons Zimbabwe, Championing the Second Edition of the Inter-Cities Sports Festival and introduced the first ever Retirement Plan for the City of Harare under the 360 degrees Wellness programme. I am at the coalface of industrial relations of the City of Harare from 2010 up to date. Managing four registered Trade unions in the City of Harare needs extra ordinary interpersonal skills and exceptional communication acumen ship.

My Dream for Human Capital Profession:
“What Makes the Desert more beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”
I have ben schooled in the fields that have sharpened my analytical skills and competences as a team player to ensure optimal utilisation of organisational resources in a transparent and accountable manner. I have a comprehensive knowledge of structural, legislative and regulatory framework for management of local authorities, public and private sectors and a robust understanding of National, Regional and Public sector policy development. The wealthy of experience I have gained so far, can be positively utilized in any Organization, in championing the current and morden human capital practices. Organisations today are competing for the best talent under the “war for talent”, and Organizations need a self-starter with forensic eyesight to details. I will pursue a robust implementation of Human Capital employee relations Standards that will obviously put human capital function in an organisation at its right position as a strategic engine that gives traction to the organization’s functions. As an HR practitioner I a champion in crafting Human Capital Code of Conduct and ethics that seek to guide the relationship between the employer and employees. Employee wellness is now in fashion every organization should embrace it at strategic level because it is the new philosophy that seeks to propel the spirit of “ubuntu “in the Organization. The Ubuntu philosophy is an African phenomenon that seeks to build strong teams through oneness, shared vision and complementarity. This should be used as a rock bed to building employer-employee relations. Robust employee relationship strategies and good wellness programs will usher in the spirit of collegiality. It is therefore the role of employee relations & wellness to ensure that these strategies and programs are put in place in order to support the vision, mission and the values of the Organization. The following are areas of strength.

1. Solid foundation and extensive understanding of Labour law.
2. Employee relationship management at NEC level down to shop floor.
3. Collective bargaining management skills.
4. Dispute and resolution settlement skills.
5. Productivity and employee engagement skills
6. Employee wellness from the strategic position level to shop floor.
7. Health and Safety systems and procedure
8. Conciliation and arbitration (Independent Arbitrator for more than 5 years)