Quality Policy

The Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (IPMZ) Thrives to be a world class centre of excellence for the human resource management practice. The Executive team is fully committed to the above, actively encourages a like commitment from employees at all levels of the institute. The policy is underpinned by;

  • Achieving high level of customer satisfaction through effective academic standards, people management and services.
  • Establishing, evaluating and reviewing measurable, risk based and customer centred business objectives at all levels of the institute.
  • Continually improve QMS and the developing and delivering of the human resource management profession premised on the continuing professional development of its members.
  • Implementing appropriate actions to address risks an opportunities associated with the human resource management profession
  • Communicating provisions of this policy to employees and other relevant interested parties and ensuring that it is clearly understood and applied.
  • Providing continuous training to employees, subcontractors and other relevant stakeholders to enhance their competence in carrying out assigned tasks.
  • Complying with all applicable statutory, regulatory, contractual and other requirements that affect the institute’s business.
  • By signing this Quality Policy, the Executive Director approves the institute’s strategic business direction. This Quality Policy will be periodically reviewed at planned intervals to ensure its continued effectiveness and suitability.